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Bio-Gro, Inc. is a leader in manufacturing humic acids and liquid fertilizers.


You will find the most effective solutions to help you grow with Bio-Gro, Inc.

We manufacture humic and fulvic acid products, NPK Blends, three complete lines of trace minerals (soil, foliar, and organic).We also manufacture many fertilizer products which stimulate root growth, photosynthesis, flowering, seed development, overall plant growth, and nutrient uptake. But we don't stop there...

We believe the first step to profitable solutions is accurate information. We have the most complete soil fertility and plant growth support information available. At Bio-Gro, Inc., we strive to provide our customers with products that work as a complete system. See our Resource Center.

No other company can help you design new (and more pertinent) testing products. Bio-Gro, Inc. has a solid product support program that starts with an in-depth analysis of your soil and plant tissues. We can give you the best recommendations and solutions for your specific needs. When you need a custom solution, we can do it!

Think of us as the health food store for crops. Contact us.

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