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Humic Based Products

Custom Humic Blends (CHB): Clean Application, Highly Compatible, Clear Growth Results.

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CHB Humic Fines

CHB Humic Fines may increase or enhance micronutrient uptake.

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CHB Premium 21

Premium 21 is an organic certified, soil applied, highly compatiable liquid humic product. Bio-Gro’s product technology allows the humic acid colloid to be mixed with other liquid fertilizers and remain evenly dispersed without compromising colloidal structure, unlike standard humic products in which colloids agglomerate into large particles, with reduced surface area.

Premium 21 reaches the roots, where it’s needed.

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CHB Premium 6

CHB Premium 6 is our compatible humic acid, primarily designed for soil and water run applications in combination with fertilizers.

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CHB Premium Humic 12

CHB Premium Humic 12 is an organic humic acid colloidal suspension extracted from oxidized lignite. CHB Premium Humic is primarily…

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CHB Rootein

CHB Rootein is a humic acid solution formulated with an organic nitrogen base. It also contains zinc.

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CHB Rootmix

CHB RootMix can be applied by side dress and banding equipment, water run through irrigation systems or sprayed directly on soils with other fertilizer materials.

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CHB WilPen

CHB Wil-Pen is blend of surfactants (Surface Active Agents), which when applied to the soil will improve water penetration.

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Dry Soluble Humic

Dry Soluble Humic Base is a concentrated water soluble humic acid from naturally occurring Leonardite. For use as a soil amendment and aids in nutrient uptake.

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NUE LMW Foliar

NUE LMW Foliar is a concentrated fulvic acid solution derived from leonardite and composted organic matter. These water soluble acids are low molecular weight (LMW) fulvic acids.