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Plant Extracts

Plant-X products: harnessing natures biology for your plant’s performance.

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Plant-X Bio SB

Rather than using compost or animal wastes, Bio-Gro has taken live plants and specific plant parts and “steeped” them in...

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Plant-X PAN 2-0-0

Plant-X PAN is an organic nitrogen liquid fertilizer. It is formulated from protein hydrolysate which is the organic material obtained...

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Plant-X Rhizo-Pro

Plant-X Rhizo-Pro is a “Plant Extract Tea”. Rather than using compost or animal wastes, BioGro has taken live plants and...

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Plant-X Roots B

Plant-X Roots B is a plant extract tea, consisting of a blend of plants with naturally occurring biological properties which...

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Plant-X SetMore Base

Plant-X SetMore Base is a liquified kelp extract for crop use.